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The Moonlit Oak Collection

I have an early memory of looking up at the moon from my bedroom window and watching the branches of a tree dance in the light. This collection celebrates the mighty oak tree with all its uses to us throughout history. This perfect Autumn collection includes flashy labradorite stones with deep blue and green hues as well as glittering rose cut emeralds and sapphires. 

If you look closely at a couple of the pieces, you'll be able to see wasps. The Oak Gall Wasp is an incredible little creature that is responsible for creating the various types of galls on the oak trees. The wasp's galls have been the most useful part of oak trees to us, being used to make ink for over 1000 years and treat common ailments, such as diarrhoea. Those two pieces that include little wasps have been dedicated to the Oak Gall Wasp for being such an unsung hero from our history.