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Working From Home

This is where people can find me most of the time... working at my desk. I have to admit, it's not normally this tidy, or this full of flowers 😄

Out of view to the left of my desk is a growing collection of birds. We now have 4 budgies, and 5 quail members of the family and they all provide endless distractions from my work with all their twittering and cooing 🐣🕊️ 

I do some wire wrapping here too, but mostly it's photography, editing, writing, and all the other admin type stuff that has to be done. 

These particular flowers were birthday gifts. I had a lockdown birthday this year, but it didn't stop family and friends from sending or dropping flowers off on the day... to my delight 😄 Anyone who knows me knows I love flowers and some of these are now dried and ready to be used in my jewellery packages. 💐🥀


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