The Unalome Collection

After 5 years of making unalome jewellery, I have discovered new meanings for this ancient symbol that apply to me personally.

The unalome symbol is traditionally a Buddhist symbol that represents the path to enlightenment. 

But to me, this symbol is a great representation of the path of the creative process. From raw materials and planning, through the ugly duckling phase of tweaking and improving, to the finished masterpiece. It's through the ugly duckling phase that many people give up, they can't see the masterpiece that lies around the corner, and the unalome symbol reminds me to have faith and just keep going.

The unalome symbol is something I have grown to love. My sister first introduced me to the unalome back in 2015 when she asked me to make her a ring in that design. Since then, I've been incorporating unalomes in all sorts of ways.

And although it is technically a religious symbol, it can carry personal meanings as I've mentioned above.

So, I've decided to create a collection of super affordable unalome necklaces that anyone could own. I usually make elaborate pieces that naturally come with a higher price, but these will be beautifully simple. 

Keep an eye on my instagram stories and posts for previews and the release date so you don't miss it.

Jacqueline x


EDIT: The Unalome Collection is now available!

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