Mermaids, Unalomes, & Skulls - Watercolour Art

Have you ever had a cold reading? On two occasions, I was approached by mediums who 'read' me and both were very good at their skill, at picking up on the tiny bits of information I was obviously giving away. 

One of those mediums told me she could see an artistic talent, such as drawing, but that I wasn't reaching my full potential and when I explained that I stopped drawing a long time ago she advised me that it was something I definitely needed to pick up again.

And so her words have been in my mind ever since.

I've always loved drawing and painting, but for years I haven't felt able to give it the attention it needs, however, there's been plenty of downtime during this pandemic and so I've been practicing once again.

There is so much satisfaction in watching colours move through water on a page and I'm currently on a mission to improve my watercolour paintings. 

While it's fun messing around with paint, I don't have the room to keep every piece of work I make, so I will be listing the originals up here at Andune Jewellery. Prices will initially start low and I'll increase them as my skill develops.

I hope you enjoy them! 

Jacqueline x

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